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The Legacy of Jewelry runs in our Family

Celebrating 67 Years of Excellence!


Nash Jewelry has been the quintessential place for all of your jewelry needs for over 60 years This September we will be celebrating our 60th year in downtown West Palm Beach in our same location. Servicing our clients for all of their jewelry needs from G.I.A. Diamonds to G.I.A. Gemologist appraisals for insurance, banks, trust, and attorneys.


 Expert jewelry repairs and custom created jewelry. I have customized many intricate pieces for my clients over the years. We are a full service jewelry company. We handle vintage and estate jewelry for our client’s trust companies and attorneys. Such as Van Cleef and Arpels, Cartier, Tiffany and many others. We also sell pre-owned and new Rolex. Pre owned Cartier, VCA and many other designers are available to us for sale.

We specialize in GIA Gemologist appraisals for Insurance companies, Trust and Banks for Estate appraisals and Divorce appraisals for Attorneys.


The Nash family has been in the jewelry business for over 120 years. In the early 1900s the Bolshevik wars in Kiev and Zhitomir in Ukraine and Russia began.  A Bolshevik is a member of the majority faction of the Russian Social Democratic Party, at that time which was renamed the Communist Party after seizing power in the Revolution of 1917. The Bolsheviks were a radical majority.


 My great grandfather and great grandmother Brocha Nachshen had a jewelry business in Zhitomir near Kiev when the Bolshevik wars escalated calls Ukrainian pogroms. The Bolsheviks killed my great-grandfather along with his guard dogs. The Bolsheviks took his store, but my great grandmother survived and was able to escape with my great uncle and grandfather. My great grandmother Brocha bought there way out of Ukraine and Russia paying their way with diamonds.


 She took my grandfather and my great-uncle’s to Israel.  She smuggled them to Israel with diamonds laced in her pockets that she was able to salvage in time from the jewelry shop that was in Ukraine. She settled in Haifa, Israel with my great-uncle William and my grandfather Robert.


 In there twenties, my grandfather Robert went to NYC, passing through Ellis Island with the dream to open his own jewelry company in America. He must have been awestruck when he saw the Statue of Liberty as the ship that he was on came into the harbor. My Uncle William went to England to become a diamond dealer.



 At that time our family’s last name was Nachshen.  My Grandfather whom I called Grandpa Bob became a citizen July 31, 1925. I have his Naturalization Certificate! He was 30 years old. My grandfather wanted to make our last name more Americanized so my grandfather changed our last name to Nash in 1928 as well as my uncle did in England.


Years later I discovered that I also had another great- uncle that was a doctor in Haifa, Israel by the name of Dr. Joseph Nachshen. My great-grandmother Brocha, William and Joseph were at my brother Bruce's bar Mitzvah in 1960. 


 I remembered visiting my Grandparents in Miami Beach in the 60s and would be amazed to see my grandpa Bob "Robert " reading the newspaper

that was in Hebrew.  I only wish I would have possessed the foresight to ask my grandfather at that time more about his family history.

But I was a young lad. For all I know my great grandfather's father might have been a jeweler too! You never think about these things when you are a young child. 


 My grandfather, Robert made his way in New York City and became a jeweler as his father was in Russia. In New York he met my grandmother Sarah. They created a life together in New York. My Grandma Sarah was quite a cook. As the story goes they also had a restaurant in New York aside from my grandfather being a jeweler. My father would tell me stories about the restaurant they owed would be neutral grounds for the different gangsters in New York City at that time. The gangsters must have loved my grandmothers cooking as our family did for many years to come.


 My grandfather and grandmother moved to Miami in 1955 to open up a jewelry workshop in downtown Miami. They lived on Miami Beach. When my family would go to Miami to visit I would go to my grandfathers Robert jewelry shop, which my grandmother would also help out from time to time.


 His Jewelry shop was in Downtown Miami. I remember and still own it today my first piece of jewelry, a 14 karat yellow gold signet ring. My grandfather made me when I was 10 years old.


 My father, Murray Nash met his partner and lifelong friend Caesar Rua in New York City. They both worked side-by-side in a jewelry shop on 47th St. Caesar was born in Spain but grew up in Cuba. My father and Caesar flew to Cuba in the late fifties too Bring back Caesar’s cousin to Florida to help out in the shop.


 Caesar throughout my life called me as his son. My father and Caesar decided to move both their families In 1955 in West Palm Beach, Florida to open up their own jewelry shop in West Palm Beach, Florida, which is our same location today at 120 South Olive Avenue Suite 503 in the Guaranty Building in West Palm Beach Florida.


 Together they embarked on their own jewelry business and called their new Jewelry shop Nash and Rua. Serving all the jewelry stores in Palm Beach County.  Repairing and custom designing rings for all of the jewelry stores in the county.


 When our family moved to Florida in 1955 my mother Lucille's parents also came down to Florida. My other grandparents David and Gertrude Schweitzer, which my brother and I called Gug my grandmother, and Eep my grandfather built their house right next door to ours in Lake Clarke Shores.

It was a tremendous feeling growing up having your family so close by.


 Years later in the late 70s my brother Bruce his wife Sophie and his two daughters Robyn and Jennifer lived just a few blocks away. It was wonderful having the whole family in such proximity.




  I grew up in the jewelry business going downtown to my father's jewelry shop in the summers. When I was a young boy I would help out me at my father's jewelry shop. I would learn how to file rings and most importantly would sweep the floors. Now you may not think this is a great job, but in that dust on the floors is gold dust! We would collect and send off the dust and filings from the benches to our gold refiners for a nice check.


 I recall my father telling me a story of the maintenance man in his building in NYC that at night would sweep the hallways that he worked.  In New York City in the buildings in the jewelry district there are several jewelers working in their jewelry shops. The maintenance worker would sweep the hallways and accumulate the dust. The jewelers would have gold dust on the bottom of their shoes and would accumulate in the hallways. The maintenance worker would collect the dust, which would have Gold in the dust and sell it to one of the gold refiners and have a nice bonus for him. My father said that he would use the money to take his family on vacation from the gold dust.


  Years later we tore up the floor in our shop and sent it off to our gold refiner, we were very excited to receive a check for $2500 from the gold that was embedded in the vinyl tiles in our shop.  You could see all the particles of gold that fell on the floor over the years.  You could see the gold flecks in the tiles!   To this day I still sweep the floors and gather up the dust. Because, as the old saying goes "there's gold in thar Dust!'


 I remember in the 60's the elevators in the Guaranty building were run by an attendant! In those days you would tell the attendant the floor and he would close a metal gate close the door and take you to your floor. 


 I came into the business full-time in 1978. That is where I developed my craft from the master jewelers my father Murray and Caesar. Aside from knowing the inner workings and the nuts and bolts of how Jewelry is made and put together which I am skillfully crafted in I became a G.I.A Gemologist 1984.

Earning my degrees from the Gemological Institute of America. Thus not only do I know how to appraise jewelry for my clients I can expertly with my skilled craftsmanship for over 37 years of experience repair fix and restore my clients precious jewelry.


  In 1979 Caesar left my fathers partnership to open up his own manufacturing company. In 1979 my father and I changed our name to the Nash Jewelry Company.




 My father and I serviced all the jewelry stores in Palm Beach County doing their repair work.  As well as my Father and Caesar since 1955.


 It would not be unusual for me to size over 20 rings in one day one day. Totally all different types of repair jobs came across my bench from sizing rings, re-tipping diamonds, setting diamonds, building new rings, repairing bracelets and soldering chains back together just about any type of repair was and is still today our specialty.


 From taking a ring that was all twisted and broken then bringing it back to life into pristine condition.

  I even had a clients ring even gone down a garbage disposals and brought it back to life.


  In 1981 my brother, Bruce came into the business and we started servicing, insurance companies replacing lost and stolen jewelry from the insurance companies throughout Florida and the United States. My brother Bruce and I would give seminars to insurance companies on how to replace jewelry and what to look for in settling an insurance claim. I gave many seminars, speaking to insurance companies and agents well into the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

One such company was in Jacksonville, Florida. I would fly to their offices to spend the day putting on seminars to their staff. Working with insurance companies replacing Jewelry gave me the skills to be like a CSI jeweler gemologist. Possessing skills to figure out my clients lost jewelry pieces and what they look like.

Most appraisals that would come across my desk would have inadequate descriptions.  But, I was able to resurrect and replace their beloved piece of lost jewelry for them with a little detective work.


 Skills that to this day I am called upon many times regarding cases for attorneys and insurance companies to identify lost or stolen jewelry for their clients.


 Those days were memorable working with my father and my brother. It is not often in life to be able to work side by side with your Dad and Brother. Times that to this day that still I cherish.


 I remember one day 1984 working with a client my father was telling a customer that he started the business in 1955. My Dad told the client he has been working in our same location for 29 years. I was standing next to him thinking to myself; wow 29 years, that's a long time not really realizing that today I have personally been working in our same office for over 37 years.

My father would sometimes repair a piece of jewelry for a client and call it a "government job" meaning that it is no charge to the client. Doing a small repair as a favor. Of course I do the same for my clients as well and when they ask "what do I owe you?" I say just a smile!"  And they give me a big smile!


Service is first and always has been for 60 years when you come to Nash Jewelry.

When The Guaranty building went through a major renovation in the late 1990s we stayed in our offices as the building was renovated.

We are the longest tenants in our building. One day after the construction was completed a new tenet to our building asked me in the elevator “Are you new to the building?”

I replied with a smile “Yes since 1955.” They were amazed and we had a good laugh.



 I earned by Gemological degree in 1984 studying my courses of diamonds, colored stones, gem identification to earn my G.I.A. Gemological Degree.  My father was extremely proud of my accomplishment when I obtain my G.I.A. Gemologist degree. There were not many Gemologists in our area at that time.


 I am a G.I.A. Alumni and have the Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow Award




 Unexpectedly, my father passed away that August. Sometimes in life, timing is everything. I am happy and sad that he was able to see my accomplishments, learning the profession of jewelry and gemology. 


Several years ago my other mentor Caesar Rua passed. Caesar continued his guidance after my Dad passed.  Caesar looked to me as if I were his son and I also as another father.


 At times when I am at my bench working on jewelry I can still sense my fathers presents guiding me on difficult and intricate jewelry repairs. In my jewelry shop where I perform all of our repairs on site you will find equipment and benches that date back to over 80 years old. Nostalgic tools my father and Cesar brought down from New York aside from the modern equipment that I employ today. 


 My brother Bruce left the business in 1985 to pursue his dream in Hollywood, CA as a TV and movie producer. My brother Bruce has over 100 books published two of those books we collaborated on. One book being a movie tie-in to the 1979 movie Star Trek. The book is titled The Star Trek Make A Game Book! Simon and Schuster published it.  I am extremely proud of this book. It is my claim to fame to Star Trek. You can still find it on Amazon today.


 Two years ago, my brother, Bruce surprised me by setting up a phone call from Caption Kirk! William Shatner called me to wish me a Happy 59th Birthday! It was, quite simply, a tremendous thrill. A couple of months afterward when my wife Maryann and I were visiting my Daughter Nicole, Jason and our granddaughter, Gabriella in Los Angles my brother and I went to William Shatners “Capt Kirks” office. It was a great day indeed. 


 Whenever a new client comes in our office they always mention the different Hollywood personally signed memorabilia displayed our office. Especially when a client is a Star Trek Trekkie fan they love my William Shatner story! 



Displayed in our office are in two different birthday photos by Billy Crystal.  He wished MaryAnn a Happy Birthday! One of which my son –in- law Jason set up with Billy and Josh Gad. The other picture my brother Bruce had set up for MaryAnn. Both were a great surprise and a conversation piece.






 The other book we co-authored is titled Pundles a book Published by The Stonesong Press, a division of Grossett and Dunlap Inc. In 1979. Pundles are configurations of letters, lines, and symbols that "spell out" familiar words and phrases. 


 In 1989 my wife MaryAnn came into the business full time after our second daughter Natalie was born. MaryAnn is Vice President of Nash Jewelry Company. Together we are an excellent team. 


 A client of ours once asked us how do you two get along so well? They were both psychiatrists. They said they wanted to study us because they never met a married couple that got along so well that work together.  Which to this day after 34 years of matrimony, we still work together. As the saying goes “A happy wife a happy life” which I tell our new grooms should be their mantra for a happy married life!


 Making engagement rings and wedding bands for our bride and grooms gives us such wonderful spirit. Knowing that on our couple’s special day we are a part of their dedication of love with the rings that we created for them. When one of our boxes of baubles is opened on special occasions and holidays we know that we are putting a smile of delight on our clients' faces. We appreciate when a client calls us to say “Thank you” and tells us how much they love their new jewelry. 


  MaryAnn and I have two-daughter s Nicole and her husband Jason with a granddaughter Gabriella and a new grandson Leo. Our youngest daughter Natalie lives in NYC with her fiancé Zach. 





 MaryAnn and I attend international jewelry shows. On those flights to the Las Vegas international jewelry shows you never know whom you may see on your plane. On a Flight to Las Vegas in the late 2000's who boarded, but a Tony Curtis film icon. He sat in First class with his wife. I said to MaryAnn do you see who that is? It's Tony Curtis! I told MaryAnn let's go up and meet him. She said you go so I went to up Mr. Curtis and introduce myself. He was very friendly and gracious to me. I told him how I love the movies that he was in like “Spartacus” and “Some like it Hot”. Tony introduces me to his lovely wife. It certainly was a great thrill. He was extremely happy to be recognized. I don't believe anybody else on the plane knew who he was other then the flight attendants. When we were in the baggage claim area Mr. Curtis was in a wheelchair waiting for his luggage with his wife like the rest of us on the flight. He saw MaryAnn and I and waved and said "hello guys" we walked over to him and I introduce MaryAnn. Tony politely shook and kissed MaryAnn's hand. He told us to have good luck at the jewelry show! I told him it was a pleasure meeting him and how gracious he was with us. And of course I gave him one of my business cards! I told him if they are ever in Palm Beach please look us up. Unfortunately a year or two afterwards he passed away.


 Our clients of our generation always appreciate that story. When you come to visit MaryAnn and I at Nash Jewelry it's not always about strictly business it is friendship and camaraderie.



 The JCK jewelry show in Las Vegas is an international jewelry show once a year. We also attend the estate and antique shows that are in Las Vegas in Miami. At the shows are manufacturers around the world displaying their merchandise. We are always staying in tune with the new trends of the jewelry industry. Meeting with manufacturers and diamond dealers that we have dealt with for many years. We also build new contacts and always are staying up-to-date on new trends and changes in the diamond and gemstone industry.

Constantly being aware of new stimulants in enhancements that are out there in the jewelry world.


 Speaking of enhancement stones. A Close friend of mine, Eric that started out as my client a few years ago opened up his own jewelry store. We do business together. He took in a three stone diamond ring from a client that was in for repair and in need of an appraisal from me. I have had jewelers call me for appraisals for their customers.  Over the years, Tiffany’s in Palm Beach sends over clients to us that are in need of repairs and appraisals too. When I first looked at the ring it looked very suspicious to me. The three diamonds had scratches going across the table. I then took out my 10-power loop and examined the diamonds. Something definitely wasn't right. Using my diamond tester I tested the diamond from the table of the diamond. They tested diamond. But looking at the stones from the bottom half of the diamond the pavilion did not look correct. I tested the pavilion with a negative result.  Looking carefully at the girdle of the diamond to my discovery the diamond was a doublet. The top half was a diamond and the bottom half was a plastic material. No value other than the gold weight. I told Eric to show his client and not to touch the ring. If the ring went under the heat of a jewelers torch the plastic could melt. He told me that in the future, he would be checking the table and the pavilion of all the stones he takes in for repair.


Being the excellent husband that I am. Hopefully my wife will agree with that statement! MaryAnn always picks up a bauble or two at the Jewelry show!  I desire to show my gratification to her for being a fabulous wife mother and Nana!


 I also have access to GIA Diamonds with diamond reports from the USA to around the world. I can tap into my vast network of suppliers and obtain any quality of Diamond or color stone that my client is looking for.


 We have a number one rating with the JBT, which is called The Jewelers Board of Trade. From a .25 PT diamond to an over a 20 carat diamond my suppliers just say to me,” when do you need the diamond by? I'll be happy to ship whatever you need for your client."


 One such client called me looking for a 15-carat emerald cut diamond for their 25th wedding anniversary. They looked from NYC to Miami but could not find the right diamond for them. I made one call and had the perfect diamond for them sent to me FedEx overnight to show them the next day. They were thrilled and of course I made platinum mounting with two side baguette diamonds to showcase the 15 carat emerald cut diamond with a GIA Diamond Grading Report!





 We care for our clients, as we would want to be treated.  Several of our clients have become very dear friends of ours. Serving our clients for over 60 years, our clients' children and their children's have become our clients as well. We now have three generations of clients.


 One such dear friend of ours, Jim Priddy that started out as a client and that has bought many custom made pieces for his wife Nancy and family was quoted in a lovely article that was written by Allison Ross in the Palm Beach Post in December 14, 2009 about our business surviving the ups and downs of the economy.  Jim Priddy was quoted in the article saying. "  Greg Nash, he's a craftsman, he's an artist," Priddy said. "He's not just a product pusher. He knows my taste, knows what I like, and that's important to me. I trust him." 


 We sold Jim and Nancy’s daughter Bianca her wedding set. Bianca was the winner of TLCs Four Weddings with her husband Paul. Nash Jewelry was featured in the TLC’s Four Wedding credits as being there jeweler!

Which of course MaryAnn and I were at Bianca’s and Paul’s wedding. 


Being a GIA Gemologist I am called upon to appraise jewelry for divorce cases and testify in court on behalf of my clients. I have preformed my appraisals in many bank vaults and clients homes over the years.

I have appraised many exquisite items of jewelry and appraised jewelry for a few famous sports icons.

Insurance companies recommend us to their clients to appraise their jewelry for insurance purposes.

I have testified in many divorce cases over the years as an expert witness.

I am very through when I perform my gemological appraisals.

Digital photographs are provided with our appraisals. 


In one case the Palm Beach County State Attorney's office contacted me in the early 1980s. I was called to identify a stolen watch that I had sold to an attorney client of mine, which was our family attorney. Our attorney was murdered in his home and the perpetrator stole his watch that I had sold him several months prior. The watch was the only piece of evidence linking his assailant to the crime. The watch was found in a pawnshop that his assailant had pawned. I identified the watch in open court tying the perpetrator to the crime. I identified the watch as the same watch that I sold my attorney.

The defendant was found guilty after two trials, which I testified in. I was pleased to be able to finally see justice for our attorney and friend.


 We have witnessed many changes to the downtown area, especially since I grew up in West Palm Beach. Over our 60 years Nash Jewelry has weathered the ups and downs of our economy. Possessing the skills that I have acquired over the years we have been able to forge ahead to this mile's stone of 60 years!


  In business, you have to change with the times. This is why we have survived 60 years.   Today with social media, I am producing videos and posting them on YouTube

showcasing the process of how apiece jewelry is repaired. I produce the short film even compose and perform the music that are in my videos.




Changing with the times we have an YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, tumbler, Google plus, monthly newsletter, about-me and of course two websites.  Back in the 1980s, we would show pictures in our vast catalog collection of jewelry in our library of jewelry catalogs to our clients. They would pick out a piece of jewelry and I would have it shipped to us for their approval.

For custom wax models that would be hand craved from the 50 s and today we would produce a wax mold of the piece of jewelry for our clients approval. We still have our library collection of those updated books and catalogs. I still posses those rubber molds and models that date back to the 50s 60s and today. We still have in our files many old appraisals that my father did so many years ago.


 Today with the technology we have access to cad cam to make a digital picture and wax. Wax models are still carved by hand today.

Custom made pieces of jewelry has always been a cornerstone of our business. When the fax machine came out. I made several sales to my clients out of state by faxing an image to them for approval. Of course today with digital pictures, email, and text, technology is a great marketing tool.


 But old fashion one on one with my clients is what is the gold standard. Nothing beats that personal touch that I give my clients.


  I tell my client to please bring in the jewelry that I sold them free of charge at least every six months, so I can clean polish and check their beloved jewelry.  I want to make sure that everything is in pristine condition. You don’t find that type of service from an only Internet company.  


 Mary Ann and I pride ourselves with the service and quality that we give to our clients.  


 Our mission statement is quite simple. Our pledge to you as quality and service! 


 This Past September we celebrated our Diamond Jubilee 60th year in our same location in The Guaranty Building at 120 South Olive Avenue Suite 503 West Palm Beach FL. 33401 561-655-1658



I want to thank my father, Murray and Caesar for teaching me the jewelry profession.

I wish they were both here today to attend this 60th milestone. I also want to thank my clients throughout the years that have made this anniversary possible!


 I genuinely appreciate your loyalty to our company.  Without you, our clients this 60th anniversary would not be possible. 


 As I reflect back with pride on the legacy of jewelry that runs in my family for over 120 years I look forward to Nash Jewelry's next milestone, serving our clients and friends to that next Jubilee milestone in time. Our Platinum Jubilee 75th! 


 As the ending Quote that is written from one of my favorite movies "A Wonderful Life"

 I modified the quote slightly for our current times.   “Remember, no one is a failure as long as you have family and friends!”


 Nash Jewelry has had a wonderful life and with the love of my wife MaryAnn, family, friends and clients Nash Jewelry will continue on into the future for many years to come. 


Thank you!


All the Very Best,


 Greg and MaryAnn Nash and the Family         




     Live Long and Prosper, My Friends.